District Writer Publishes Book on Roses


CreateSpace has just released a book written by Darrell g.h. Schramm of Vallejo. The book, Rainbow: A History of the Rose in California, is the first book ever to address early California rose history. 


The book begins by examining the nine wild roses of our state, then goes on to discuss the early garden roses from the Gold Rush era to 1924, the first 75 years of statehood. Some of those old roses are still available today. Stories of the nurserymen—and two women—who grew, produced, and sold those roses comprise a large section of the book. It is attractively illustrated in color. The book will appeal to gardeners, rose lovers, and historians, especially those interested in Californiana.


Darrell is a Master Gardener and rose historian, growing more than 200 roses in his Vallejo garden. His book can be purchased for $24.99 directly at https://www.createspace.com/7229975.