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Dive deeper into the art of rose cultivation with our comprehensive guide, "Growing Roses in San Francisco Bay Area." This essential resource is crafted by local experts to help you navigate the unique climate and challenges of the region, ensuring your garden thrives. Your purchase not only enriches your gardening journey but also supports the San Francisco Rose Society's mission to spread the joy and knowledge of roses.

Growing Roses in the San Francisco Bay Area

Unlock the secrets to flourishing rose gardens in our unique climate with "Growing Roses in the Bay Area," the definitive handbook published by the San Francisco Rose Society. This invaluable guide is packed with expert advice tailored to our local conditions, covering essential topics such as pruning, feeding, controlling diseases and pests, and propagating. Whether you're a novice gardener or a seasoned rosarian, this book provides the one-of-a-kind information you need to ensure your roses thrive. By purchasing this resource, you're not just enhancing your gardening skills; you're also supporting the society's efforts to promote the beauty and cultivation of roses. Make "Growing Roses in the Bay Area" your go-to guide for growing great roses right where you live.


Order by mail OR Pickup at our meetings.

Mail: $30.00 per book (includes $2.00 tax and $4.00 shipping)

Pick up: $26.00 per book (includes $2.00 tax).

SPECIAL OFFER:  $50 for book and first time membership.


Please make checks payable to:


"The San Francisco Rose Society"

Send to:

Maryanne Razzo, Book Sales

1118 Brussels Street

San Francisco, CA. 94134


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